Ramadan Is The Perfect Month To Lose Weight

January 23, 2019 0 Comments

Out of all 12 months, Ramadan is the ideal month to consider losing weight easily. Sure, thing it depends on your approach, but the holy month can be a great start point to turn up your metabolism and lose these extra pounds

Why This Month?

Many Individuals end up losing weight in Ramadan as a result of the natural body’s mechanism to hold up food. When one fasts for long periods of time, the stomach’s capacity to hold food shrinks, leaving the individual a small room to get full once he or she breaks their fast. Also, as the appetite changes and the body get used to the fasting mechanism, the body starts burning off fat for energy yield. The secret lies behind the fact that the body’s primary source of energy comes from digested carbohydrates or the stored sugar form “glycogen”. When an individual is fasting for long hours, the body’s main source of fuel, the “glycogen”, runs out and the body then is obliged to use the second natural route for energy yield, that is burning if excess “fat”. This way, your body automatically burns up excess fat after the “glycogen” tank is up. This is exactly why it is advised by dietitians or any medical representative to perform at least 30 to 45 minutes of any type of light cardio during fasting hours, or a couple of hours before breaking your fast.

What About the Calories?

The key to weight loss in general depends on how many calories one consumes versus one burn in a day, and Voila you have the key!

As we are focusing in this article on losing weight, the key behind that happening a simple equation:



Other tips and tricks?

Other tips and tricks include:

  1. Quantity Control- Having small frequent mealsAs we break our fast, it is very easy for one to fall into the “big quantities till I’m full” trap. The secret here however, lies behind the portion control. Once breaking your fast, avoid having different types of food all together at once. Instead, try dividing up your food quantity and have one kind every two hours.
  2. Drink Plenty of water to avoid dehydration during fating hours
  3. Have a well-balanced main courseTo have a well- balanced healthy meal that aids in weight loss, your main course should include protein as the main star, lots of vegetables/salad, carbohydrates, and healthy fats.
  4. Have snacks in betweenDon’t’ forget to have 1 or 2 snacks before it is suhour time. Healthy snacks not only help you avoid eating big portion on suhour, but also if chosen properly, help you reach your daily need of the food groups and increase your metabolism.
  5. Have a proper SuhourWhen it is suhour time, always try to avoid eating and hour or two only before you go to sleep, as we assure that eating a proper suhour meal even 3 hours before bedtime will not negatively affect your hunger level the second day. Let’s say having oatmeal with ½ a cup of milk and some berries is a great, well rounded option for suhour. A proper suhour meal is vital for a proper fasting routine the next day.
To Summarize
  1. Managing your meal’s times
  2. Managing your sleeping cycle
  3. Being physically active
What’s Left?

Nothing but following tips mentioned above and being physically active. Start working on your body, get in shape and blow the expectations!