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healthyU is a balanced diet program specially designed to suit each person, according to their condition and aims to lose weight and change lifestyle. What distinguishes healthyU is that we focus on fat loss not only weight. At healthyU we rely on home cooked meals, fresh fruits and vegetables as well as our delicious products including chocolates, chips, and soups..
healthyU products are characterized by their delicious taste and variety, with more than 60 snacks and easy-to-prepare meals, which makes it easier to follow a meal-plan. healthyU snacks helps complete the daily requirement of protein to ensure that the weight loss is fat not just muscle or liquid. In addition to preserving your muscle mass, having adequate protein keeps you feeling full for longer and controls your appetite and cravings, which makes it easier to follow a meal plan.
The healthyU program depends on a mix of fresh food and our delicious ready to eat snack and easy to prepare meals that we can deliver to any place in Saudi or Middle East. At the moment, we do not deliver the fresh food as we strongly encourage that you get in the habit of meal-prepping and that is something we teach you during the program ☺

Yes sure many of our products are super low in carbs, 6g or less carbohydrates, and can help put your body in ketosis. These products include all healthyU products under the healthyU brand name. In addition, to the following items under the DIETI brand name: • Mushroom Soup • vegetable soup • Rusk • Smoked soy nuts • banana, strawberry, mango smothies • Pudding flavored with chocolate or vanilla • Ready drinks flavored (chocolate – vanilla – Mocha) • Chocolate and caramel drink • Ice cappuccino drink • Hot chocolate drink • Chocolate with pomegranate and raspberry bar • Caramel and peanut flavored chocolate bar All these products do not exceed 6 grams of carbohydrates and is an excellent choice for those who follow the Keto.

Products are available at healthyU center in Jeddah and also in some pharmacies and supplement shops. For more information contact us on Whatsapp 053092636 and we do free delivery within the Kingdom.
We don’t have a branch but we have international online subscription service
Nisreen’s Tea for mornings is made with the highest quality ingredients for supporting your metabolism, increasing energy and detoxing the body. It is also excellent for diabetic patients as it can help naturally balance sugar levels in the blood. We recommend 3 to 4 cups daily. Nisreen’s Tea for evenings is created with a unique blend of fine herbs and spices that all help soothe the digestive system, reduce cramping and bloating, as well as regulate bowl movement. We recommend 1-2 cups every night.

The prices of memberships depend on the duration and the type of package your choose and what it includes. For more information Whatsapp on 0530926368

Please email us at For any inquiry contact us on whatsapp 0530926368 or call the unified number 9200 11410

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