Back-to-School Children's Package


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Join our subscription program so our dietitians can help you to reach your goal of losing weight. The subscription includes: 1- 5 times consultations/follow-ups in which your physical, medical and nutritional history is assessed, a special diet is designed for you according to your needs and desires, and following up the changes in your weight. 2- 2pcs healthy high protein product boxes of your choice. 3- A food scale that helps you calculate your meals accurately with the help of a specialist. 4- Our recipe booklet so you can try healthy and delicious meals within your diet. 5- A follow-up notebook in which what you ate daily is recorded, to be followed up with the dietitian during consultations. 6- Hand blender to prepare our liquid products in an innovative way. 7- The pedometer calculates your steps during the day.


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Back-to-School Children's Package

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