Salted toffee pretzel bar

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High Quality Protein

A light, delicious, sweet snack is all what you need sometimes to refresh your mind and to get that energy boost that you need to continue your busy day, but wouldn’t it be better if that snack is also healthy, protein-rich, and has low-carbs and sugar? Our tasty caramel protein bar is that and more… Inside the box you will find 7 bags of delicious protein caramel bar. What Makes caramel Protein Flavored Bar Special? • Providing 15grams of protein entirely from plant based sources with only 5.8grams of sugar and a good amount of high quality fibers, these delicious protein bars are the perfect snack for anyone looking to boost their energy and daily protein intake. • Filled with delicious caramels. • Perfect for sliming and balanced nutrition, healthy lifestyle. • Ready to eat. • Low-calorie and protein-rich gourmet break, and convenient guilt-free snack Who is DIETsnack caramel Protein Flavored Bar Recommended for? DIETIsnack Carmel Protein Delight Flavored Bar is ideal for all those who need to increase their daily protein intake or for those who are looking for a protein-rich snack to stimulate their bodies and lose weight or build muscles. Serving Suggestions: It's perfect to pop after a lunch as a light desert to satisfy your sweet tooth without harming your diet or as on-the-go breakfast with your milk. The best time to have protein is within 30 minutes post workout to re-gain your energy, and you can have it as a snack to enjoy your day




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