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High Quality Protein

What is protein rice? Who said rice always has to have a high amount carbohydrate? Well for sure he/she hasn’t tried DIETImeal high protein rice. Our protein rice is very light , it is protein-rich, contains low amounts of carbohydrate, it tastes like the regular rice but way better, because the normal rice is made of Starches, while DIETImeal rice is made of soybean, its prepared just like regular rice. You can check our recipes and ideas! You will love them for sure. Inside the box you will find 7 bags of our original high protein rice Who is Protein Rice Recommended for? Its Benefits? • It is perfect for anyone looking to keep their carbohydrate intake low. DIETImeal Protein Rice contains zero sugar and less than 0.8g of fat, And only 8 calories per serving. Also, itprovides 1.0g of quality fiber. • Furthermore, DIETImeal is scientifically proven to reduce body weight, when used in conjunction with low-calorie diet and a healthy lifestyle which include regular exercises, it helps you lose fat while maintaining lean body mass by keeping you satisfied and preventing the Yo-yo effect of weight re-gain. • DIETImeal Protein rice is a brilliant addition for anyone who is looking to lose weight, without having to drastically alter their eating habits. Preparation: Very simply and easily cooked. Just like the regular rice 1- Bring to boil 1L of slightly saluted water 2- Dip the rice in the water 3- Cook for 9 minutes or more 4- Remove from pan and drain the high protein rice Serving suggestions: add them to your favorite curry, kabsa recipe, molokheya, or salad for a highly satisfying meal. Easy to prepare




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