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In every diet you hear this sentence "stay away from bread", but who said you have to prevent yourself from bread to lose weight? We don’t believe in that, we believe that you can lose weight and gain protein from eating the right food, and we have exactly what you need. Inside the box you will find 7 bags of protein bread dough mix. A box contains 7 servings. What Makes DIETImeal Protein Bread so Special? Its healthy, doesn’t taste like carbon paper, protein-rich, low-carb. Our low-calorie and protein-rich, gourmet break bread offers a convenient and guilt-free satisfyingmeal, and not just that it contains huge amounts of high biological value protein, with low carbs and low fat, and It is very easy to prepare. Who is DIETImeal Protein Pizza Recommended for? It is perfect for anyone looking to keep their carbohydrate intake low. DIETImeal protein bread is scientifically proven to reduce body weight, when used in conjunction with low-calorie diet and a healthy lifestyle which include regular exercisesand to build lean body muscles, it helps you lose fat while maintaining lean body mass by keeping you satisfied and preventing the Yo-yo effect of weight re-gain. Preparation: 1- Heat up your traditional water at 205C ( temperature to respect strictly) 2- Empty one packet into a bowl and add 40 ml of cold water 3- Mix knead until well dissolve 4- Put the mix in a moul ( or in a ramekin), then put in the wave and cook at 205C during 20-25 minutes 5- Take off the wave and let stand 2 or 3 minutes. Consume in the 10 following minutes Serving Suggestions: Heat it up a little then eat it with some delicious low fat labane in your breakfast or with some tasty zaatar, you can have it in lunch to have a filling, satisfying meal with some homos. Also, you can a low sugar chocolate or pinnate butter its up to you and your taste.




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