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All You Need to Know About Proteins

Now more than ever, we are hearing about protein, and its importance not only for body muscle building but also for weight loss and maintenance. Here we summarize for you everything you need to know about proteins.

What is Protein?

Proteins are the building blocks of the body. It is a vital organism that is involved in all cellular activities. Protein is also responsible for transmitting signals to the brain and all metabolism activities. Additionally, it is the cornerstone for hemoglobin and fighting diseases in the body

Protein Sources:

You can find protein in animal sources, vegetarian sources and protein supplements.

Animal protein sources include all meat like, seafood, eggs, beef, poultry, and dairy.

Vegetarian proteins are beans like, soy beans, fava beans, lentils, and green beans. Vegetarian sources of protein are usually rich in carbohydrates as well.

Protein supplements come in many forms, like, protein powder, protein bar, protein chips and many other forms of protein rich meals and snacks, which are available for sale in هيلثي يو. The protein in protein supplements is derived from both animal and vegetarian sources.

About Protein Supplements:

Protein supplements differ from each other in terms of composition and production process. Such products are readily available in specialty health food shops as well as supermarkets and some pharmacies. Protein supplements are rich in protein derived from either animal or vegetarian sources, to fit with the consumers requirements. They come in the form or protein bars, protein powder, or other products like protein bread and protein oatmeal which is available at هيلثي يو. When selecting the protein supplements, you need to read the nutrition label to understand the amount of protein per serving as well as other food groups like fats and carbohydrates, to ensure that the product is a good fit to your goals.

Importance of Protein for the Body:

Protein is the main unit building for muscles and tissue

Vital for wound healing

Key to the metabolic cycle and controlling the appetite

Helps balance the fluids and acidity in the body

Key to the makeup of hair, nails, bone, teeth and all vital organs

The dynamic competent for producing hormones, enzymes, and preserving physical performance

Without proteins all body functions will be impaired

Helps diabetic patients control sugar levels in the blood

Importance of Protein for Weight Loss:

Protein has limited abilities when it comes to providing the body with energy, when compared to carbohydrates and fats, because its role is focused on muscle and tissue building. Proteins has a high satiety level, which means it makes you feel full for a longer period of time compared to other food groups, consequently you consume less. The growth hormone, which increases the speed of caloric burn especially during sleep, is stimulated by protein.

Protein ensures that you lose the right kind of weight. To ensure that you lose weight made mostly of fat as opposed to muscles, you must consume the adequate amount of protein. Many people complain of a quick weight rebound after following calories based diet. Usually, the reason behind this complaint is that their weight loss was composed mostly of fluids and muscles and only some fat. Losing muscles means their ability to burn calories has decreased, which can only be avoided if you consume adequate amounts of protein. A study in McMaster University, Canada, proved that those that follow a balanced diet program rich in protein, were more likely to lose weight composed of a higher fat percentage, when compared to their peers that followed a balance diet that has less of an emphasis on protein. Moreover, type 2 diabetics that followed a rich in protein diet experienced an improvement in blood sugar level.

Importance of Protein for the Metabolism:

Without a doubt, protein rich foods contribute to a large extent in the preservation and increase of muscle mass. The higher the muscle mass percentage is in the body, they more calories the body can burn and the easier it becomes to lose fat.

Concerns about Protein Deficiency:

Many individuals suffer from protein deficiency which causes a decrease in muscles and can pose a real threat to all body functions, which results in a weaker immune system, hair loss, and a hormonal imbalance. Not having adequate protein in the body, one can experience a drop in enzymes level therefore body functions and physical activity deteriorates. In our Saudi society and Arabic one in general, we see cases of protein deficiency most clearly in patients of gastric sleeve or weight loss surgery in general, without following up with a dietician. Those individuals usually complain of fatigue, hair loss and pain in the muscles, all of these are symptoms that could have been avoided with the right diet.

Exceeding Protein Requirements:

Any food group if consumed in access can have negative side effects. For example, carbohydrates are responsible for providing the body with energy, without it the body cannot function. However, consuming large quantities that exceed the body’s requirements causes many health problems including diabetes and high blood pressure. Therefore, it follows, that consuming proteins that exceed one’s requirements can create health complications on the long term, such imbalance in kidney function, and gout disease.

How to Calculate Protein Requirements for Men, Women and Athletes?

For women protein requirements vary between 0.8g for women to 1g per kg. To women that are athletes’ protein requirements reaches 1.5g per kg and can increase depending on the intensity of the exercise, for example, if you weigh 70kg * 1.2g of protein= 84g proteins per day. For men, the requirements are 1g per kg and men athletes require 2.2g protein per kg and can also increase depending of the intensity of the sport. We recommend you consult with your healthyU dietician to identify the right protein requirement depending on your goals and level of activity.

Amount of Protein in Food:

FoodGrams of Protein100g of chicken251 large egg7100g of beef26100g of fish22100g of cottage cheese11180ml yogurt6100 g of broccoli3

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