5 Ways Exercise Helps You Sleep Better

Let’s all face it; sleep is one of the most important things in our lives as human beings. It helps us recharge our batteries, enables us to achieve more and more every day and without it we will be lost. But what is better than just sleeping is being able to sleep like a baby, with no stress so you wake up the next day brighter than the day before, with lots of energy and passion. Gladly, scientists proved that exercising regularly helps you achieve that so easily.

These are the 5 ways exercise helps you sleep better.

Cardio Helps You Sleep Faster and Deeper
Based on research done by the National Institute on Aging, people who exercise regularly of up to 4 times a week, and specifically do cardio reported better sleep qualities, less sleepiness during daytime and were feeling more active than the usual during day time.
Cardio can be any aerobic exercise whether walking, jogging, or riding a bike.
Exercise Helps in Reducing Stress
Stress is the number one reason for not being able to sleep fast or peacefully. Exercise helps in reducing stress by having the body produce hormones that make us feel better, happier and eventually make us less stressed out. The collection of happy hormones includes, serotonin, endorphins and dopamine. As a consequence of that, we are able to have a fun, stress-free night, which allows us to have better sleep.

Exercise Helps in You Feel Energetic During Daytime
According to research, playing sports regularly gives you more energy and makes you feel more active across the day. Exercising as mentioned earlier helps in decreasing stress and depression, which in return leaves us with lots of energy to consume during the day. So just because you exercise a couple of minutes everyday, you are now able to achieve more, because your energy meter is at its maximum.

Exercise Helps You Avoid Any Sleeping Disorders
Sleeping disorders such as insomnia or apnea are part of your history once one starts exercising. Based on some researchconducted about this matter, people who don’t exercise have a 44% probability of being exposed to such sleeping disorders as compared to only 26% of people who exercise. Because a healthier body has the ability to sleep better.

Exercise Helps Your Body Temperature Regulate Your Sleep
High-intensity workouts increase your body temperature for up to four hours and then it will drop to levels that are lower than that if you didn’t exercise. This fluctuation in exercising gives signals to your body that it is time to sleep. That is why it is advisable that you didn’t exercise right before bedtime.

Most importantly, exercising makes you feel a lot better about yourself whether physically or psychologically, which in return will help you lead a healthy successful life. And accordingly, your sleeping patterns will be at its best.

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